Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Italy: Retail and Office sectors

Paolo Bellacosa, Executive Director, Capital Markets, CBRE Italy, on the the attraction of Italian retail offers to international investors.

Italy Outlook: The beginning of a new cycle

Alessandro Mazzanti, CEO, CBRE Italy, speaks at Property Eu's Italian Investment Briefing about new sentiments and a positive change in direction.

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Friday, 16 May 2014

Retail Investment in the CEE

Mike Atwell, Head of Capital Markets, CEE, CBRE on core German capital together with Asian capital targeting prime, city centre retail and the handful of players looking for opportunities in smaller CEE cities.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Economist: From depression to bubble within a few months...or are we only at early stage recovery?

Neil Blake, Head of UK and EMEA Research, CBRE

This month my financier colleague is reflecting on how quickly sentiment has changed in property and how we have moved, in some people’s eyes, from depression to bubble in a matter of a few months. The reality is that in most markets we are actually in an early stage recovery. That is not to say that real progress has not been made on the UK economy front, but that economic recovery is only just making itself felt on occupier markets. The onset of falling yields in the absence of much evidence of rental growth, outside of central London, is one thing that worries commentators and leads to talk of property bubbles. Yields falling in advance of rental growth are, however, nothing unusual and are exactly what we would expect in a forward looking market. This week’s blog recaps on what has been achieved on the economy recovery front, what the latest indicators are showing and touches on what this will mean for occupier demand and rental growth.

The Financier: Is the pessimism of the Eurozone crisis a faint memory?

Graham Barnes, Executive Director, Capital Advisors, CBRE
It is amazing how quickly sentiment and market conditions have changed. The debilitating pessimism of the Eurozone crisis now seems a faint memory when compared to more recent mutterings about real estate markets potentially over-heating, with those comments extending as far afield as Spain.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Equity vs Debt

Jos Tromp, Head of CEE Research & Consulting at CBRE highlights the rise in levels of equity vs debt in the CEE region and the potential impact of this trend.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

PE Investment Trends in India’s Realty Sector

Anshuman Magazine, Chairman and Managing Director, CBRE India

Transactions in India’s real estate space might have slowed down over the last two quarters, but the sector has not been overwhelmed by the state of the wider economy. Despite the subdued pre-election economic scenario, in fact, the period observed an increase in private equity activity.